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segunda-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2012

AdPrize - Novidades no NeoBux (em inglês primeiro)

Primeiro eu vou postar a mensagem original em inglês postado pelo administrador do NeoBux sábado passado. Mais tarde eu vou traduzir. Para quem não entende o inglês mais ou menos é isso:
Agora cada anuncio que você vê, você terá trinta minutos para ver dois novos anuncios, que você não ganha nada mas terá a chance de ganhar de 1 NeoPoint até um ano como membro ouro, passando por prêmios em dinheiro de U$0,25  até $U50,00!. Não muda nada... se você não quiser participar do sorteio é só não ver os anuncios que serão liberados. E os anunciantes não pagarão por essas visualizações. Vão continuar pagando os mesmos preços pelas exposições normais. Mais tarde eu traduzo toda a mensagem.

Cadastre-se no NeoBux
Veja aqui um tutorial de o que é, como usar o NeoBux e duas entrevistas com o administrador.
Se você não está acostumado com essa história de pagamentos por ter visto propaganda, entre no mundo dos Sites PTC aqui: Tutorial e ranking dos melhores sites PTC(Receba para clicar)

2012/01/14 às 21:52
Admin editou esta mensagem em 2012/01/15 às 08:13

I know that this is a long text but it's important that you read it carefully to fully understand the first part of the revolutionary concept.

First and foremost this revolution is based on a 5 year concept. This is meant to change the way you see and use a PTC. Ultimately it will turn PTCs into something that will give you more for less or even everything for nothing.
Some predicted that this would be a new feature or something similar but little did they know because it is more than that. It's a revolution made in stages over a large period of years. It will bring new features, old features that will be enhanced and perfected (such as the one you'll experience from today), etc. It will also bring the PTC industry to new levels of trustworthiness, honesty, and professionalism. It will be great for the users, great for the advertisers, and I won't say more as I might make a few accidental spoilers.

The concept:
Completely change the PTC industry to provide services with even more quality and higher earnings at almost no cost at all.

The current reality:
NeoPoints are the current single thing that provides earnings to users and make them get what most of them couldn't without them. Since this is part of a "greed free" concept revolution, it may take a while for others to adapt but I'm certain they will do it eventually and we're slowly implementing things so that everyone can catch up as fast as possible. That brings us to the next step.

The next step:
Provide users with lots of prizes just by doing the thing they do the most which is viewing advertisements and, on the other hand, give advertisers not only more exposures but also an approximately equal and unified exposure advertisement price.

By now you're probably wondering what we can give to users and advertisers for free.
This is the thing I like most about NeoBux: We aim always beyond the limits and we change things that many would be afraid to touch. We literally define the path that almost defines PTC itself. We had started as a full PTC offering the same earnings as any other. A few days later we've added an add-on to the PTC earning potential which is now known as the referrals renting system giving the users the possibility to exponentially increase their earnings. This was the turning point from the old boring and profitless PTC model into a new one. We're proud of what we do, proud of what we've accomplished, and mostly proud of having a user's success rate greater than 90% which is mostly due to our users themselves who have proven to be the best users any PTC could have wished for. Right now we're labeled as being more than a PTC and given the current and scheduled changes, we'll take that label even further by transforming this industry into something very special and unique. Some people still see PTCs as an investment and we're here to prove that the investment concept is completely wrong and PTCs can be the best thing when used for free as well.

The vision:
This new concept is made especially for the users who fail to understand the underlining PTC concept but also to those who see it as a great opportunity to have some extra earnings or even huge salaries. Also is made especially for all the advertisers who day after day switch to NeoBux and love it here. We're showing the world that a PTC is a business but a business with mind, heart, and soul and not just about mathematics and profits. We always showed that but we're taking lessons to a whole new level now. We can give so much as most other PTCs can and by giving it we can build the most amazing earning environment ever for users. Sure, we could do it alone but NeoBux's main philosophy lies in the proof-of-concept which originated its creation. So the dream still stands strong and one day you'll have more choices and all as profitable as we are.

The past:
Some of you recall this but for the new users and also as a flashback for all the others, here's a bit of history:

It was back in 2008, most specifically on May, that we've introduced to the PTC world something that almost everyone loved: The Jackpots.

They were great, so great that over the following months you saw that being implemented in most PTCs and Bux sites. Some have done as we did it, others attempted to present it differently. Whatever the implementation was, it was a major hit and some still use low profit versions of them to this day.

Today we're introducing something that will have an increased amount of what you loved about the Jackpots but with more simplicity and higher earnings.

The study:
This new implementation will differ a lot from our original model in so many ways and will focus on the best of all variants that existed afterward but with our own special touch. Currently there are only (to my knowledge) 4 PTC/Bux sites that use Jackpots. One uses our original concept and the other three use it disguised as advertisement exposures where the idea is the same but the implementation is nothing close to our vision and that's what we'll change today. Since those slight deviations are still currently being used it's best to use them as a real working example for those that haven't been with us since the beginning and also to better illustrate what's wrong with it and what can be done to make it perfect. I'll just give you a quick glimpse of what that is and how we will change it so that you can familiarize with it.

From what we could compile from those three deviations, here's the result of that study (all best features from all three regardless of which is which):
  • As with our previous jackpot you need to click on a grid.
    The main difference is that it doesn't matter where you click as your odds will be determined later. So, the grid isn't doing a thing other than messing you psychologically. We'll be direct on this one so the grid concept from our original implementation will be gone. This will simplify the process not only making it more transparent but also simpler.
  • Odds are uneven.
    The best odds we saw in those 3 were 1:400 (0.25% chance) of winning a single prize. We'll give fair odds instead which will range from 5 to 20 times higher depending on user's activity.
  • Prizes are almost meaningless.
    The one that offered most prizes has an average of less than $50 daily, sometimes even less than $30. Low odds for low prizes is not exactly ideal. We'll be giving you real prizes which will be 40 times higher in value.
  • Advertisers need to pay.
    It seems that advertiser's monetary contribution is a requirement to have a chance to win something and all three used this method. We will obviously change that because advertisers already pay to display their advertisements and it wouldn't be fair to charge them extra for that. So both advertisers and users get to spend nothing which means zero spending for all resulting in 100% profit for both parties.
  • Low chances per day.
    All three exhibit almost the same chances (as in times you can play daily) which are very low and not related to the user's personal value and dedication but to what membership the user has. Only one had the same low chances across all memberships which was fair. Here the chances you get to play are not determined by what you spend but by your personal dedication: It's you that matters, not what you have.
Disclaimer: This was our study of the only implementation of our original Jackpot and of the only three deviations from the original concept we could find. There can be more sites implementing the concept and data gathered can be slightly different. Values gathered range from data displayed in the respective sites to probability studies.

Short version of the above study:
Few chances to play, if you pay more you'll have more chances to play, when you play you have a maximum %0.25 chances of winning a prize and, even if you do win, it will be almost insignificant. Not only that but advertisers are paying you instead of the site holding the jackpot.
Can you imagine something better than that? We can as well and we've turned that thought into reality.

Our original Jackpot, reinvented:
Now we're introducing something that will be more fair to the users (in every way) and extremely advantageous for advertisers. It will also be different and bring back the joy of our original implementation. This 5 year concept that started last year is focused on both users and advertisers and although some implementation will benefit only one end (without hurting the other), this one will be perfectly balanced for both parties and it only carries benefits without a single extra cost as you'd expect from us.
I've seen countless of requests to bring the Jackpots back and since the new concept includes a refined version, consider the request granted. The best of it all is that this won't include any type of gambling. No one will have to spend a single cent to play it. It's really free! This is great news for users whose cultures / beliefs prohibit them from gambling. Consider it a game where you can earn and no one loses a single cent.
This will be simply called AdPrize.

So, how do you play it?
Remember the "?" section in the advertisements page? There you will find a number to click on if you are eligible and want to play. That number will show you how many chances you have left. Click, view an advertisement, and know if and what you've won. Have more chances left? Play it again, then.

The chances you have to play:
This is very simple: For every advertisement you see, regardless of the type of exposure, you'll have 2 chances to play. So yes, if you see 100 advertisements in a single day you'll have 200 chances. See only 20 and you'll have 40 chances and if you come back later and see 15 more advertisements you'll have 30 more chances to play. Chances granted after seeing an advertisement can be used in the following 30 minutes and, after that, if you still haven't used them, they'll simply expire. This is one of the reasons why I told you earlier that activity would be profitable. The more you earn viewing advertisements will exponentially increase the times you can earn one or more prizes. It's that simple!

Now, the amount of prizes available daily:
Daily there will be around 1907 prizes worth approximately $1820. This value can deviate a bit being higher or lower due to odds and daily activity fluctuation. The first 72 hours will be used to fine tune everything so expect a larger difference in this initial period. Every day we'll give you the same odds according to the last day's activity so that the prizes can be always the same every day, forever. Currently that's the amount we can offer daily but it can increase in the future.

When and how will the prizes be credited?
Automatically and instantly.

What are the prizes available daily?
  • Memberships (10 memberships divided in 10 prizes worth $900):
    • 10 x Golden membership = $900
  • Monetary prizes added to the main balance ($800 divided in 786 prizes):
    • 400 x $0.25 = $100
    • 200 x $0.50 = $100
    • 100 x $1.00 = $100
    • 50 x $2.00 = $100
    • 20 x $5.00 = $100
    • 10 x $10.00 = $100
    • 4 x $25.00 = $100
    • 2 x $50.00 = $100
  • NeoPoint prizes (40000 NeoPoints divided in 1111 prizes worth $120):
    • 1000 x 10 NeoPoints = 10000 NeoPoints
    • 100 x 100 NeoPoints = 10000 NeoPoints
    • 10 x 1000 NeoPoints = 10000 NeoPoints
    • 1 x 10000 NeoPoints = 10000 NeoPoints
How many prizes can I win per day?
There's no limit in term of prizes or monetary amount. It all depends on luck as per the announced odds.

Will I have to pay to play?
Certainly not! No user and / or advertiser will spend a single cent to get the benefits from AdPrize.

Can I withdraw monetary prizes?
Sure you can. Those prizes will be credited to your main balance which means you can do whatever you want with them.

I'm a Golden Member. What happens if I win a Golden Membership?
If you're already a Golden Member one more year will be added to your membership's expiration date. If you're not, you will be upgraded for a full year when you win the prize.

Why aren't referrals given as a prize?
When we held the rented referrals jackpot years ago things were different because availability met demand and a portion could in fact be offered. Although we currently still have referrals available to satisfy most of our users, getting direct referrals is an extremely expensive and exhaustive thing for us. Not only due to the fact that we purchase users' direct referrals but also due to all the advertising campaigns we need to do to get new unreferred members and then select them according to past activity which reduces the amount of users gathered. We prefer to meet demand with what we have right now than to offer a percentage of them as a prize.

What about my privacy?
As always we will never show that you've won a prize because we do respect our user's privacy and security without exception. If you win a prize you can show it in our Forum (the "Your success stories" sub-forum is great for that) and, although we'd appreciate it because it would be a great motivation for other members, it's not required.

Does this interfere with the hourly draw of $0.50?
No, it does not. These are complementary prizes. We'll still give away $1440 in prizes everyday for seeing the regular advertisements and now we'll add approximately $1820 in prizes giving it a total of approximately $3260 in daily prizes with no limit on how many you can win.

How will advertisers benefit?
Well, this is the most interesting and magical part of the whole concept.
Advertisers will still purchase the amount of clicks for the exposure type they want as they always did but now, when they purchase them and users view their advertisement(s) is when the magic happens: Each exposure will give them not only the purchased clicks but also from twice to 15 times the amount purchased to be displayed again.

How will the bonus be distributed to advertisements?
Depending on the amount of clicks and the type of exposure, you'll get from 2 times to 16 times what you've purchased. Each time a user sees one of your advertisement you'll be granted from 1 to 15 AdPrize credits (depending on the exposure type) and your advertisement will be viewed for free as a bonus after it has expired or when it's paused.
  • Here's how the distribution will work:
    • Micro Exposure: 2x:
      You'll get what you purchased and the same amount to be viewed again in AdPrize.
    • Mini Exposure: 4x:
      You'll get what you purchased and 3 times more the same amount to be viewed again in AdPrize.
    • Standard Exposure: 8x:
      You'll get what you purchased and 7 times more the same amount to be viewed again in AdPrize.
    • Extended Exposure: 16x:
      You'll get what you purchased and 15 times more the same amount to be viewed again in AdPrize.
    • Fixed Advertisements: Varies:
      Your advertisement will get more views during and after the exposed period in AdPrize.
  • A few guidelines:
    • All bonus credits will be shown in AdPrize for 5 seconds each regardless of the exposure purchased.
    • Demographically filtered advertisements will be shown unfiltered in AdPrize.
    • If you don't want your advertisement to be displayed using bonus credits in AdPrize you only need to deactivate that exposure in your advertisements settings page. You can define it individually for each advertisement.
    • Disabling an advertisement from being displayed won't remove unused bonus credits. Unused bonus credits will only be removed if the advertisement is deleted by you or due to inactivity.
    • Only advertisements that have been viewed in the past 7 days will be shown in AdPrize.
    • You'll have a comprehensive running total of credits available and used. Fixed advertisements will get credits even if no credits are available.
Does this means that as an advertiser I will get more clicks to my advertisement?
Yes, it does. You'll get from 2 times to 16 times of what you've purchased.
You can also look at it from the price perspective. The price per click will be approximately the same for every exposure. For example, if you purchase 1000 Standard Exposure Clicks for $16 the price per click will be $0.016 but, since you'll get 8 times what you've purchased, you get 8000 clicks (1000 Standard Exposure and 7000 for the AdPrize), the price per click will be just $0.002. When you compare that 10000 Micro Exposure clicks cost the same $16 you've spent, it's completely amazing yet still unbelievably fair.

What more benefits will my advertisement get?
Besides having more clicks / lower click price, you won't have to suffer the loss of benefits from having a unique exposure. A unique exposure is great for very specific campaigns and every marketer knows that most products and services are only effective when advertised over and over. A unique exposure gives you a "show and forget" campaign which is hardly effective. Now, having that unique exposure exponentially increased by repetitive exposures will increase advertisement campaigns to new heights. Basically you'll purchase a 24 hour unique exposure and get extra ones to make your campaign memorable and exponentially more successful.

Will banner exposure also benefit from this?
Absolutely! Not only the banners in the actual advertisement page will be shown more times than before but also the ones in the advertisement listing page will get all the required attention because the AdPrize button has been placed strategically besides it and below all the advertisements the user has to view. And no, we won't charge you a single cent more for banner exposure. Still the same low prices as always.

Why do the advertisements have a "Bonus Pack" instead of "NeoPoints" now?
It's because we're currently offering lots of bonuses for each advertisement viewed.
If you hover your mouse cursor over that text you'll see a tooltip explained that you'll earn the amount credited for viewing the advertisement and also a bonus pack that consists of:
  • 1 NeoPoint
  • 2 AdPrize chances
  • A chance of winning 1 of the 120 prizes of $0.50 drawn each hour
The last item was never explained in that page and most users were unaware of its existence and kept asking why they've received a $0.50 bonus.
This will enlighten everyone about what's offered for each advertisement's visualization which is much more than just the usual value seen in most PTCs.

Ok, everything is perfect so really, what's the catch?
Nothing at all. This is NeoBux, we don't charge for what can be given for free.
We won't raise any of our services prices because of this: They will continue to be as low as always.
We won't charge more for advertisement exposure: We'll actually be cutting down exposure prices from 1/2 to 1/16 of the current prices in a relative way.
The only thing that will happen is that we'll get more active users, an exponential increase in advertisements, advertiser's satisfaction, and higher quality advertising campaigns. We'll also increase the currently high users' satisfaction and earnings. That's all we need!

What's next?
Many surprises as always and this time they'll be introduced slowly. Last year we've attempted to do this all at almost the same time and it was too much for some so we'll just let you all enjoy each change one by one and obviously give time for all others to adapt. Redefining the concept of PTC from night to day as we see it would be such a dramatic chance that, although it would have a great outcome, it would be a misconstrued action. Great changes are planned and one day you'll look back to realize that this was just the beginning of something perfectly great and that the PTC concept you had was really different.

Final thoughts
This will change not only the way users earn but also exponentially increase users' earnings.
This will change the way advertisers advertise and will make them succeed in their businesses not only due to higher exposure but also due to the new low cost advertising model which is almost unified and simply the best out there.
That's exactly what a revolution is: A total change in the way of thinking and acting that reaches many people and generally changes their ideas and conceptions about something making them realize that what they had before was not that good. And keep in mind that what happens right now is just the beginning.

You may think that what we are doing is absolutely fantastic but the best of this is simply when all other PTCs start adopting a similar approach. As always we're pretty transparent about the way things work so that all can take advantage of each one of our new concepts and this is no exception especially due to the importance it carries.
Can you imagine multiplying the new earnings you'll get here by all PTCs you use and the ones you will begin to use once they start contributing in our vision? Can you imagine all advertisers being able to choose unified prices up to 1/16 of what they have now by multiple sites and not just one? If you can imagine just 10% of it you'll realize that this will be in fact a wonderful world.